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Want to know about BBDS?

Heres a little bit about the studio and how it all came about....Enjoy!

​​​​​Do we have lockers for our guests?

- Yes we do but, you need to bring your own lock (standard size) and personal items can't be left in markers overnight 

How does our class pricing work?

- Our prices are based on the number of hours or classes you'd like to take per month drop in (one time classes) are available but the more classes you take the cheaper each class costs.

Do we have changing rooms available for our guests?

-Yes we have 4 standard size changing rooms and 1 handicap accessible size changing room, all located at the back of the main lobby.

Do we have snacks water and other beverages available for our guests?

- Yes there's a Snack Shop in the back lobby and everything is $1!

Is there a dress-code at Be Beautiful Dance Studio?

- No there is no dress-code. But, do be mindful we are partnered with another studio that caters to children. Tasteful gym/dance attire is preferred; However, tight formfitting clothing is required for ballet classes. Leotards and tights are necessary.

Do we have adult gym/dance attire available to purchase at our studio?

- Yes we have Prima B retail store inside our studio that offers all types of gym/dance attire and shoes!

Are private lessons, wedding first dance, or wedding party specialized choreography dance classes available?

- Yes and we even have a separate private studio in the back to do this.

**Summer Special**

$42 Unlimited Classes for a Month

$10 Drop-in Classes

​​​​​​​​Be Beautiful Dance Studio is a studio for adults of all ages! Our studios a place to feel beautiful mentally, physically, and spiritually. Be beautiful on your own terms! If you do not  have prior dance experience, who cares! We just want to get you to move and have an amazing time doing it. Be Beautiful is a place to get out of your head, forget your fast-paced hectic life, and lose yourself in the music and the fun of dancing.

Be Beautiful Dance studio was just an idea I had in August of 2015. Fresh from spinal surgery and failing at physical therapy; I wanted a place to dance, do some cardio, have fun, and not feel judged or intimidated because I wasn't 16 or a professional dancer. I was unable to find such a place in the Valley so, I decided to open my own studio. Thus Be Beautiful Dance Studio was born.

I created Be Beautiful Dance Studio because; I knew I wasn't the only one in the Valey struggling with my fitness and missing the dance classes I took when I was a teen. However, I was too intimidated to go to other studios because I wasn't a pro-dancer, I couldn't touch my toes, do the splits, and I moved liked Frankenstein. I wanted to give people a judgment free home to Be Beautiful in and dance.


Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are wondering about anything check out some of our most frequently asked questions  below and see if yours may have already been answered. If not feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.